Album (2018/19)


I dive into the archive of my body. I am looking for an order. But everything that emerges is not recognized by the grammar that I believe knowing. Am I able to invent a new language? Will somebody understand it?

Postures and gestures serve as basic material in order to question ones own body logic and history. Lingering leads to inward movement and to dive into intensities. The body seems like a landscape that is explored. Images emerge and tip from the known into the unknown, change between vital and fragile. 

To remember means to go back and forth bertween looking and re-inventing, accompanied by fragilitiy and doubts, between curiosity and being estranged.

I stay on. I give up. I am almost there. I never arrive. I act as if. I translate myself. I would like to go out of my skin. Land soemwhere else. Would I recognize the place?

«Album» is dealing with the question how far we repeat our own story or keep reinventing it. Can remembering be used to make nesw descoveries? 

I keep going. Am I at home here? Am I a foreigner?

Choreography/Performance: Susanne Mueller Nelson
Music: Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson
Lightdesign: Pablo Weber Fernandez
Technique, Oeil extérieur: Blandine Pinon
Choreographical assistence: Stefanie Knobel
Dramaturgical Beratung: Annamira Jochim
Video: Tae Peter

Supported by von: Stadt Biel, Stadt Bern, Kanton Bern, Migros Aare

Duration: 40 min.

Fotos (Album Version 2015): Mariana Forberg